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Surprise [Sep. 13th, 2016|09:56 pm]
To my surprise, my appointment with the chiropractor went very well today. After six weeks I'd expected the adjustment to be rough, but everything moved nicely. The double vodka and soda I downed just before going probably helped. Usually I have only a beer with lunch, but I'm short of cash this month and so didn't buy any this week. Instead I've been dipping into the handle of vodka a picked up a few weeks ago, and I must say it is quite an effective relaxant.

I stopped at the store on the way home and picked up ten packages of the ramen they were out of on Sunday (19 cents each, no wonder they were out) and a couple of telera rolls. I'm going to have one with tonight's soup. It's going to be canned soup again. The ramen can wait until I have a supply of vegetables to put in it. Right now all I've got on hand is some carrots. I really need to get more organized with my shopping.

It's so cool tonight that I've put on a hoodie. I haven't had to turn the furnace on yet, but I might before morning if I don't get to sleep before the house turns into an ice box. I can sleep in the cold if I'm already asleep, but I have a hard time getting to sleep when I'm cold. I now have special sleep hoodies, so if I wake up when it's cold I can just pull the hood over my head and go back to sleep. If my ears get too cold I'm likely to wake up. I suspect my ears of being Kenyan Muslim Socialists. They are only happy when they are warm. Thanks, Obama.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2016-09-15 03:21 am (UTC)
Sleep hoodies! What a good idea. Must get one!

There are ramen restaurants around Seattle. I hadn't realized, till I moved here (being a Midwesterner who'd lived on the East Coast since the '70s) that ramen was a real, actual food eaten fresh. I bought some once and wasn't enamored. I like the packaged variety better, but don't tell the local Hawaiians!

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