rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Day About Nothing

Most of the oak leaves are brown already, and will probably be coming down earlier than usual this year. Tonight they are perfectly still, and, but for a few weak strays, will remain in place. I try to imagine the wind to come and fail. Despite the touch of coolness in the air, autumn still seems like a dream vaguely recalled rather than a certainty that approaches. I sit and listen to the crickets, the only things that stir on this soporific late summer night. Despite the crickets reminding it of its inevitable passage, time is just hanging around, as though it had nothing to do, nowhere to be. Or is that just me?

Sunday Verse

Practical Aim

by Cyril Wong

After great pain, what would the body
learn that it does not already know

of relief? When that fire-truck has raged
past, what do I rediscover about silence

except that I would always miss it?
Do trees mind if it is the same wind

that passes through their heads everyday?
After the mall is completed, must we

remember the field it now inhabits
where we raced each other as children?

If my lover forgets to wake me with a kiss
a second time this week, should I worry?

Does solitude offer strength over time, or
is denial of it the only practical aim?

After the earthquake, would it matter
if no one saw two dogs from different

families approaching each other
without suspicion, then moving apart?

As the workers wash their faces hidden
by helmets that beam back the sun,

should they care about the new building
behind them beyond a fear of it falling?

If my mother cannot see how else to be
happy, is it enough that she may lie

in bed, convinced God watches her sleep?
After deep loss, what does the heart

learn that it has not already understood
about regret? When all light finally

forsakes a room, do we take the time
to interrogate the dark, and to what end?


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