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Needy [Sep. 8th, 2016|08:37 pm]
I just checked my TV guide and found that the local PBS stations have ended their begathon, and tonight there will once again be English people murdering one another. It starts at nine o'clock, and thus this entry must be brief so I'll have time to fix my dinner before the slaughter begins. Murder is always better on a full stomach.

The small crickets are getting louder every night, and there are more of them in my front yard. The buzzing is approaching the level that I would consider nerve-wracking, and I'll be glad when those little bugs are all dead and gone. Right about now we could use a cold snap, but we probably won't get one. October is the earliest such things happen around here, and November is more likely.

This computer is being very slow tonight, so I'm ending this. It obviously needs a rest. And I need food. And murder.