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Unburned [Sep. 7th, 2016|10:12 pm]
We didn't get a lot of smoke from the fire today after all. It's only about half contained, but hasn't expended its territory in the last 24 hours, so the small area that was evacuated is now opened again (except for the three houses that burned down) and what is left to do is mostly mopping up and preventing any breakouts at the edges. The area is pretty rugged, so it could be several days before they get around to putting out all the hot spots, but for all practical purposes the fire danger is over (knock on unburned wood.)

The night air is fresh and cool, and the waxing moon has settled behind the pine trees and the stars are sparkling. Earlier I heard a large cricket somewhere east of my house, but the last time I went outside I couldn't hear it anymore. I don't know if it got discovered and devoured or has found a mate and is now making the soft chirp that can only be heard by insensitive human ears within a few feet.

I slept fairly late today, and didn't get the windows closed until after noon, so the house got warmer than I'd have liked, but it's cooling off nicely now. We will have a few days with highs in the low nineties, but the nights will drop into the mid-sixties, which is an acceptable nocturnal temperature. I just hope I can wake up early enough tomorrow to conserve the cool air the house will gather tonight. My sleep schedule has been so erratic of late that would I barely know what day it was if the computer didn't tell me. I'm glad this computer is smarter about such things than I am.