rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was a nice view of the waxing crescent moon this evening, although the air was somewhat smoky. A brush fire got started yesterday afternoon a bit over four miles south of here, and is still burning. The air remained fairly clean last night because the steady breeze was coming down the mountains from the northeast, but by day the wind shifts around and by nine o'clock this morning it began smelling of smoke. I was hoping to leave the windows open a bit longer today, but had to close them to keep the stink out.

The air is getting fresher now because the wind has shifted around again, as it does every night this time of year. We should be getting fresh air from the mountains all night, and the smoke will get blown out into the valley. But the fire is only 37% contained, so it will undoubtedly be sending smoke to us again tomorrow, and perhaps for a few days after that.

So far it doesn't seem likely that the fire will make any big move in this direction, though a potential evacuation warning is in effect for areas along the canyon starting about a mile and a half south of my house. That area has some of the priciest houses in town, so I doubt they will be allowed to burn, and the fire would have to burn them before it could get to my house. My neighborhood has sort of a firewall made of of rich people. Handy.

Aside from the fire, nothing of much interest is happening around here. The trash got collected, and the bird with the strange call hooted most of the day, and the raccoons came to check on the feral cats' food bowls this evening. I didn't do any irrigation because I got distracted. Well, the probably need the water for the fire anyway. I'll water the yard Thursday. Tonight I hope to get some sleep, as the smell of smoke kept me awake most of the day. That stuff is really annoying. I'm glad fire season will soon be over.

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