rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Unexciting Entry

I do hope my chiropractor will be able to keep my appointment this week, as my low-grade headache is getting very distracting. I believe it is mostly a neck-out-of-place headache, but there might be a sinus-related component as well. Late summer brings some odd things to the air, and those things do often play havoc with my sinuses. But the frequent creaking in my neck when I move it indicates that it is the major source of the problem. I've been doing more sleeping than normal lately because of the headache, though that does have an upside. I eat and drink less when I sleep more, so at least I'm saving a bit of cash.

Tomorrow is shopping day, and I'm calculating just how much cash I can save. I've done triage on my list, and I think I can do without quite a few things I originally put on it. I was hoping I could make it through the week with the cat food I have on hand, which would save even more money as nobody has it on sale this week, but alas the cats have not been sleeping more than usual, and their appetites are undiminished, so I'll probably have to buy some at the regular price.

The continued mild weather is helping a bit, as I don't need any air conditioning. Today I only had the windows closed for about six hours. Having them open might actually be contributing to the sinus-related component of my headache, but the fresh air is nice regardless of what is in it. And it's been so nice to sleep comfortably, without the strange dreams that heat sometimes brings.

Tonight I don't have to worry about dinner. I had a late lunch, and a bowl of popcorn and glass of chilled carrot juice will suffice in lieu of a meal. I must remember to put popcorn on my shopping list for tomorrow. I think I've got only one batch left in the current bag.

How unexciting this entry is. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

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