rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

One Thing After Another.

When I made that post yesterday afternoon about the day starting bad and getting worse, I didn't know that it wasn't done getting worse. About 11:00 o'clock last night, the younger of my two cats (the one who didn't wake me up by retching and crapping on the carpet,) came home limping badly. I don't know if she was in a fight, or had some sort of accident, or was bitten by a snake. One of her back legs is swollen, and she avoids being touched. She ate a bit, then managed to climb into her favorite chair in the back room, where she is least likely to be disturbed. I've looked in on her a couple of times, and she always wakes up and looks at me and purrs, but still doesn't want to be touched. I think we'll have to have the vet look at her today, as much as she hates that experience, but the scheduling will be tricky.

So I have a sick cat, an injured cat, and two old folks, one bedridden, to look after. I won't have much time for anything else, including sleep. Lack of sleep will make me punchy, so, when I get around to posting something, it is likely to be either very revealing or utterly incoherent. Something or other is bound to ensue. It is less and less likely to be sense. ( At least I have something to bitch about other than Sluggo, for a change.) I'm hoping for a considerably less crappy day, today.

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