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Cooling [Aug. 31st, 2016|11:14 pm]
The buzzing of the small crickets was very loud for most of the evening, but has tapered off now. There were some in my front yard, but those have fallen silent. I can still hear some from the direction of the ex-orchard. It could be that rapidly falling temperature that has stilled them. It might drop below sixty degrees tonight, and at the moment it seems very likely that it will. The last time I went outdoors, about ten minutes ago, I wished I'd worn a sweater.

The growing chill doesn't appear to have bothered the few larger crickets who are still about, as I can hear them quite clearly when I go out back. For some reason there are none to the west, but several are present on the east side of the house. I think one or two are in my own back yard, though more are beyond my fence. It's more rustic back there, probably providing them with more hiding places.

Not only are the big crickets chirping, but my feral cats have been quite active this evening. Three of them have spent at least a few minutes racing around the back yard, two of them climbing part way up the walnut tree and jumping back down. Everybody is enjoying the cooling trend, except for those small crickets, which is another reason for me to enjoy it. And now I'm going to go enjoy some popcorn. It's a perfect night for it.