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Beastly Entry [Aug. 27th, 2016|11:18 pm]
A few nights ago I smelled skunk on the air for quite a while, and tonight it dawned on me that since then I haven't seen the skunk who had been visiting my yard frequently. This suggests that the skunk might have ended up as road kill. I find the presence of skunks in my yard a bit stressful, for the obvious reason, but they are pretty cute anyway. I'll miss that skunk.

Something else I've been missing is the deer I used to see fairly often. I've suspected that the construction of some houses east of here, and the fencing of the yards, has made it more difficult for them to find their way to my block, or has made them more reluctant to take the risk of heading this way, as they now have to walk mostly along streets rather than crossing open fields. The fact that the apple orchard at the end of the block has been taken out has also reduced the incentive for them to come here, as deer are very fond of apples.

But very early this morning I happened to be at this desk and I heard the distinctive sound of deer hooves on the street, and a short time later the rustling of the bushes in my yard. It was too dark for me to see them, but I think there were at least two of them, and perhaps three or four. I wish they still came around in the twilight, so I could get a look at them now and then. But it just isn't as rustic here as it once was.

At the moment the only wildlife I'm sure is about is crickets. Both the big crickets with their pleasant, relaxing chirps and the small crickets with their annoying buzz are active tonight. When I can focus on the big crickets I feel calmer, and when the noise of the smaller bugs intrudes I become more anxious. Sitting on the porch thus induces a sort of emotional whiplash, as the focus of my attention veers from one sound to the other. In a while I'll turn the television on and both insect songs will subside into background noise. It's for the best. Being pushed back and forth irritates me.

Grocery shopping tomorrow. I hope I can get enough sleep, and wake up early enough tomorrow that I don't have to rush. I forget more stuff when I've been rushed. But my list is very short this week, so there's less to forget. So I won't worry.