rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today was five degrees cooler than yesterday, but better still tonight is supposed to get five degrees cooler than last night did, and tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler less hot than today was. Then we should get highs in the eighties and lows in the low sixties for the rest of the week. The utter misery may be over, for now, and I will suffer discomfort only by day and actually get to be comfortable by night. I'm not sure my brain will be able to recover rapidly, or fully, but at least my recent heat-induced dementia should be ameliorated somewhat.

But good news must not be unalloyed. Tonight I hear from my front yard some of the small crickets who make the unpleasant buzzing sound with which late summer in these parts is plagued. If any of the enjoyable large crickets are still chirping, the little ones are drowning them out. This will be going on at least into September, and longer if the weather stays warm enough. I'd like to get one of those cool Septembers with lots of rain, but that hasn't happened here for decades, so I guess it's unlikely. That won't stop me from dreaming about it, though.

And I guess I won't be getting cooked when I go shopping tomorrow. That will be a nice change. It doesn't even bother me that none of the stores have ice cream on sale this week. Hooray for summer's decline.

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