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California Fried Entry [Aug. 19th, 2016|09:43 pm]
Last night I started writing a journal entry, but got distracted. I ended up falling asleep in front of the television again, and when I woke about four o'clock in the morning I came in and shut the computer down. Because before leaving the room I had opened another browser page I forgot that I had an unfinished entry, and I closed the browser and shut the computer down without posting it. Indeed, I only remembered that the entry was unposted when no placeholder turned up as I was reading my friends page today. So here's yesterday's unfinished entry, and a sad thing it is:
This evening I sat on the couch to watch something on television. When I got up half an hour later the back of my pants leg felt wet. I looked at the couch and discovered that Portia had tossed up part of her dinner and I'd been sitting in it. I really, really, really need new glasses.
Which reminds me, one of the things I got distracted from was the task of washing the couch cover Portia had chundered on. I got it into the dryer, but still haven't gotten around to pulling it out and putting it back on the couch. The heat has completely fried my brain. I don't know if it will ever work properly again, even when the weather cools down.

Another thing the heat has fried is my utility bill. This month it is almost sixty dollars. Because I've been using the air conditioner as much this month as I did last month then the bill that comes next month will probably be at least as big. I wish I could sue the sun for damages.

At least it's supposed to get a bit cooler tonight than it did last night, so maybe I'll be able to turn the air conditioner off earlier tonight and save a couple of bucks. It actually feels almost pleasant outside already, but not quite pleasant enough to have the windows open yet. I think maybe around eleven o'clock it will be safe. In the meantime, they are showing Busby Berkeley musicals on TCM, and while they don't quite make up for the absence of English people murdering one another, they'll do. A microwaved burrito should help. A burrito is sort of like murder, at least after I've eaten it. And something microwaved is, after all, something not fried.