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Demands [Aug. 15th, 2016|10:45 pm]
My computer has been seriously hating on me today. The poor thing really wants to be put out of its misery. Not only is it on its last whatever the computer equivalent of legs is, but it's running on an obsolete operating system (Windows XP) which MS hasn't supported for going on two years now. It's no wonder the machine is cranky and full of crotchets. It has digital dementia, and I'll soon become demented myself from dealing with it if I don't replace it. Ach, technology. So demanding.

Now I suppose I should go fix something quick to eat. But first I'll have to take the wheelie bins out to the street because tomorrow is trash day again. Trash days seem to be coming around faster, and yet I have as much trash to put out as ever, so I guess it's just another age-related illusion. Tonight it might be sleep-deficit related, though. I got up way too early today, and will probably pass out in front of the television and not see the end of yet another movie. Ach, brains. So Demanding.