rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today was supposed to be the last 100+ degree days int he recent mini-heatwave, and tomorrow it's supposed to get only into the 90s. Nights are to get a bit cooler, too, though not cool enough to get the house really comfortable before morning. A week from today the highs are to get lower still, in the mere 80s, with nights finally getting down into the lower 60s. So I should be less miserable in the coming week than I was this week, and might even get comfortable in the subsequent week. I don't know if this has been the last appalling weather the summer will bring, but I do hope so. Enough is enough, and I've had more than enough.

I'd intended to check the sky for past-peak meteors last night, but I was busy all evening then then exhaustion set in and I fell asleep not long after midnight, then woke up just in time for the morning twilight, which was definitely too late for meteor watching. There might be some slim chance of more showing themselves tonight, but I won't count on seeing any. Two nights of disappointment are sufficient. If I happen to look up while outside and see a meteor I'll consider it a pleasant surprise.

A moment ago I realized that I haven't been out to check the mailbox for at least three days, maybe four. If stuff is piling up in there, the postman will be thinking I've died. I should go fetch it before Monday or I'll have the police knocking at my door to check on me that afternoon. In fact I ought to go check the box now, before I forget again. Maybe I'll se a meteor while I'm out there.

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