rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The dog days continue, but the dog isn't panting as much. It's more like a normal summer now, with hot days but much cooler nights during which the house can become pleasant. Early this morning I woke up and actually had to put a blanket over myself because I felt chilly for the first time in weeks. I'll probably need the fan on all night tonight, but the air conditioner gets to rest.

I'm accumulating another sleep deficit, and wondering when it will get paid back. It would be very inconvenient to pay it back on a Sunday when doing so would interfere with my shopping. I also dislike paying it back on a day or night when there's a movie I want to see. Over the last few months I've missed chunks of several movies because I couldn't keep my eyes open. It's not so bad if it's a movie I've seen before, but distressing when it's new to me and I don't find out what happened to whoever. Then I have to keep watching for that movie to come on again so I can see the ending.

There's some pesto needing to be eaten before it goes bad, but I don't think I'll be able to use it all. I'd actually never had pesto before I bought this batch a couple of weeks ago, and it's less digestible than I'd hoped. I'm thinking of having it with fresh tomatoes, as fresh tomatoes greatly diminish the indigestion I get from sauces with cooked tomato in them, so I'm hoping they will have the same magical effect on garlic and basil. I probably won't buy pesto again, though. I find that I much prefer a nice marinara.

Eleven o'clock. I must go do things that need doing before my brain turns into pumpkin at midnight.

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