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The slowness of the computer is pushing my dinner time back again. I could counteract that by looking at less Internet, but when it comes down to it I just like Internet better than I like food. To stave off hunger I munched a bit hunk of watermelon, but it's about time I ate something solid now. Oh, and I forgot this is wheelie bin night. Oh, and that I have laundry in the dryer. I'm glad it's not intolerably hot on top of all that. It's actually quite pleasant outside, and the crickets are still chirping. I hope I get a chance to go out and listen to them for a while once I've gotten all that other stuff out of the way.

Prematurely dead oak leaves are still littering my back yard. It's a wonder there's any shade left back there, except from the walnut tree, and even the walnut is showing signs of heat and drought related stress. It hasn't started dropping its leaves yet, but they are looking rather puny. The walnut crop is going to be rather puny this year, too, though the individual walnuts, while few in number, are of good size. I've actually still got quite a few walnuts form last year's bumper crop, so it's not a great loss. Not to me, anyway. I doubt that the birds and squirrels and raccoons will be happy about it.

The Cinecon Film Festival in Los Angeles is showing Jules Dassin's 1949 B-movie classic Thieves' Highway this year. I've only ever seen it on television, and would love to see it at Graumann's Egyptian, which is the venue for the festival, but getting to L.A. is pretty much out of the question. This is another of those times I really miss living there.

I need to get those wheelie bins out to the street before it gets too late. They make too much racket to put them out after the neighbors have gone to bed.

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