rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The house got considerably cooler last night, and considerably less hot today, than it has for quite some time. Perhaps the relief I felt at this state was part of the reason I ended up sleeping about twelve hours all told. After a couple of periods when I was awake for an hour or two, I finally got up around half past four this afternoon. Good heavens. Naturally I've not gotten much done today, and am unlikely to get much done tonight. No worry, as there's not much that needed doing anyway. Should I survive August there'll be plenty of time to leave more things undone.

It's very pleasant to have the windows open, the air conditioner off, and listen to the crickets. There are more of them now, and their calm chirps are very relaxing. They probably won't make me sleepy again so soon, and most likely neither will Portia's purring. It was in fact her purring that put me to sleep the third time today, adding an extra four hours to my sleep. I'd intended to only let her curl up next to me for a few minutes before going to the computer, but she obviously had her own agenda. Maybe she has plans for me tonight as well, and that's why she hypnotized me this afternoon. I can't wait to find out.

But right now I'm just going to go find out if there's anything in my mailbox. I slept through the delivery today. If there's a mountain lion lying in wait for me out there in the night and I am devoured, so long and thanks for all the posts. It's been nice.

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