rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Exhaustion and Strange Dream

The chiropractic adjustment went reasonably well, and the day was marginally less than intolerably hot, but neither was sufficient to boost my energy. No dinner yet, either. I don't know if eating would increase my energy or obliterate it.

Oh, I remembered another dream fragment last night, and it was surpassingly strange. I got into a car, not sure if I was being given a ride or being kidnapped, and I sat next to the driver, looked at him, and it was Bill Murray. I never dream of celebrities (at least not in dreams I remember) and I was surprised that it was Murray. In fact when he spoke and intimated that he was kidnapping me, I calmly said "I always thought it would be Bruce Dern." The dream went on from there for a while but I've forgotten the rest, just as I've forgotten the beginning. This is probably the oddest dream fragment I've ever remembered. I wonder why I expected to be kidnapped by Bruce Dern? Given a conscious choice I think I'd prefer it to be David Duchovny, as I'm sure the conversation would be better with him.

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