rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Summer Crap

The chronic summer haze the Sacramento Valley has developed over the last few years does make for slightly more colorful sunsets than we used to get this time of year, but I find myself missing the blue skies. I'm glad the haze doesn't interfere with the stars at night. I like to watch them twinkle while the crickets chirp. Yes, the crickets are back, and it's nice to have them singing again, even if they are still less numerous than they've been most years. For a while I feared that we'd get no more at all until next year. The heat apparently did them some good.

The heat, though somewhat diminished, is still not doing me any good. I spent much of the afternoon in a torpor, and even now, with the arrival of a cooler evening air, despite my body having a bit more energy, my brain still wants to curl up in a corner and sleep. It will have to wake itself up tomorrow afternoon, as I have an appointment to get my head yanked about by the chiropractor. He keeps his office very cool, though, so that will be a nice, though brief, respite from the heat.

Sandwich for dinner again tonight. That's something I won't miss when the weather cools off enough that I can run the oven again. I'm so looking forward to the first baked potato of the year. It would be nice if we'd get one of those early rainstorms that September now and then brings us, but it's been several years since we've had one, and it doesn't seem very likely. In the meantime I continue to make do with cold drinks. Oh, and watermelon. I did get a watermelon Sunday, and a cantaloupe, and a couple of peaches. The latter will need a couple more days to get really ripe, but the watermelon is excellent.

Trash night. I must get the wheelie bins out to the street.

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