rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Swelter With Chirps

The one good thing about this heat wave is that it is probably responsible for the resuscitation of the crickets. Tonight I'm hearing several, including one in my own back yard. Of course in order to hear them I'd have to go outside and sweat, and I'd rather not do that.

Of course I don't know that getting the crickets back has been worth the extra thirty dollars or so using the air conditioner has probably added to my next utility bill, or the miserable sleep I've had, or the strange dreams I've endured, or the weight I've lost from having so little appetite. If this were going to continue I'd probably have to buy new pants, and I doubt the money I've saved on food would pay for them.

Speaking of saving money on food, about three o'clock his afternoon I managed to stuff myself with a peanut butter sandwich, and I'm still not hungry again. The quarts of water I've downed might have something to do with that. Maybe I'll eat again before morning, but odds are I'll be dropping off to sleep early again, and sleeping badly, but being too exhausted to get up and stick anything in my mouth. Anything that is except water. If I don't keep drinking every hour or two I fear I'll become a dried out husk before dawn.

Oh, and the oak trees are dropping more dessicated leaves. It looks like autumn on my back lawn. If only it felt like autumn.

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