rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Helter Swelter Again

Well, the sun has been down for more than two hours and it's still hot outside. It's 86 degrees hot. The low tonight will be 72. Tomorrow will be triple digits again, and the low tomorrow night 73. There won't be much respite on Saturday, and though next week will be slightly less hellish, it will still get into the 90s every day but one, which will be 89. The nights, at least will start dropping back into the 60s, but not vary far. In short, this is being the week from hell, and I wish it would go back there.

I accidentally fed a skunk tonight. I was late getting the dinner out to the feral cats in the back yard, not doing so until after nightfall, and a few minutes after I got around to it I looked out and saw the skunk munching away at it. The cats were keeping their distance. After the skunk left I re-fed the cats. Had it been a raccoon eating the cats' food I'd have run it off, but no way will I mess with a skunk.

The next door cricket is back tonight. I'd like to go out and listen to him for a while, but as long as I'm paying for the air conditioning I intend to stay indoors and enjoy it (what there is of it— I'm letting it get down to 76, as I really don't want a triple digit utility bill to match the triple digit temperatures.) Outside it's perfect weather for the beach, Too bad we don't have one here.

The heat has greatly diminished my appetite, and this evening I've noticed my pants sliding down. A few more days of this and they will be falling off. I'd probably be more comfortable without them, anyway, so maybe I'll just let them go.

Considering microwaved popcorn for dinner. I'd planned on heating a can of chili beans, but that now seems too much trouble. I'm sure my arm muscles have melted and I'll be unable to lift the pan. I can pop the corn in a paper bag.

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