rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There are a couple of crickets chirping tonight, but the one I heard next door last night. I could be that he moved, or was devoured, but also possible that he found mate and has switched to his softer chirp and is too far from my fence to be audible to me. As we need crickets to mate in order that we might have crickets next year, I'm hoping the latter is the case.

In addition to the couple of big crickets, who are some distance away, there is also one of the small crickets that make the annoying buzzing sound. It is the first one I've heard this summer, and is an unpleasant reminder that the air is likely to soon be vibrating with them every night. Or maybe not. Maybe the small crickets will suffer the same population collapse that has been visited upon their bigger and more pleasant-sounding cousins. That would be a silver lining. The noise of the small crickets drives me crazy once their numbers grow large.

The heat has persisted, of course, and the day was rather unpleasant, and the air conditioner has been eating my money. I'm glad that one more day of the heat wave is over. Saturday night it should get cool enough that I won't need to run the machine on Sunday, provided I open and close the windows at the right times.

Right now I've got water on for pasta. The bit of heat the burner puts into the kitchen shouldn't be too costly to remove. I just want something substantial for dinner, after four nights of sandwiches and microwaved stuff. The water is probably about to boil, so off to the kitchen. I don't dare make garlic toast, though.Even five minutes of having the broiler on would increase my heat-based misery.

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