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What In Blazes [Jul. 26th, 2016|06:47 pm]
I was going to write an entry before it got too hot today, but failed to do so. I'm writing it now because the sun is trying to kill me, and I'm not sure I'll survive until nightfall. The Sun is as orange as Donald Trump and as fiery as his rhetoric, and all in the path of its terrible rays is being scorched. I've sorely depleted my store of beverages, and have used an entire tray of ice.

It is likely that I will perish if I do not turn on the air conditioner almost immediately, and even more likely that the air conditioner will perish if I do turn it on while the sun is still beating down on it. I'd say I'm between a rock and a hard place, but I'm sure all the rocks and hard places that existed this morning have since become viscous pools of lava.

But aside from the world coming to an end in the solar death rays, everything's fine. I guess. I'm trying to hold out until seven o'clock before I turn the air conditioner on. Eight would be better for my budget and the grid, but I'm sure I won't last that long. Thank goodness I've got makings for a sandwich for dinner and won't even have to turn a burner on or use the microwave. What I'll do for the rest of the week I don't know. No respite until Saturday.

Need to go see if that fresh tray of ice cubes is frozen yet. And should probably shut the computer down before turning the air conditioner on, just in case that's the last straw and the power fails.