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Trivial Thoughts from a Disorganized Mind - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Trivial Thoughts from a Disorganized Mind [Jul. 22nd, 2016|07:25 pm]
Last night I got distracted and ended up not turning the computer off. Then when I woke up today I started using it, so it hasn't been off for about thirty hours now. It usually gets really cranky after one of these long sessions, so I have no idea if it will take revenge on me tomorrow or not, but I should probably let it go to sleep early tonight. Too bad this is Friday and not a real good television night. Perhaps I'll just read a book, though I'm not very good at concentrating on print anymore. Internets has ruined me.

Something is in the air that's making me sneeze. I'm guessing one of the grasses now drying out in nearby fields is spewing something. Or it could be that I still haven't gotten around to cleaning the HVAC filter and it might be spewing something. Not at the moment, though, as neither fan nor air conditioner is on. It was pretty hot today, but the house still hasn't reached the 80 degrees that would lead me to turn on the AC. It's only 77, and it will probably get down to that outdoors in an hour or two, and then I can get the windows open and start airing the place out.

And I just realized that I still haven't made out my shopping list and picked up my digital coupons for the week. Maybe I should do that before turning the machine off. It might not want to come back on tomorrow, and I can't shop without digital coupons and a list. I'd go broke too fast.