rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Heat Removal Time

My Internet service has been cutting out again this afternoon and evening. It's seldom gone for more than a minute at a time, but it happens so frequently and at such inopportune moments that it interferes badly with getting things done. As this has been happening for several weeks now, I suppose I'll have to call AT&T and nag them to come fix it again. I haven't much hope they'll succeed, though. Guys have been out messing with the line three or four times in the last year, and the fixes are always temporary. At least these brief but annoying outages are not long-term outages like I was getting during the rainy season.

I had several insect encounters outside today. The most recent was having a couple of mosquitoes buzz me when I last went out onto the back porch. One of the earlier ones was a narrow escape from a wasp sting. I was sitting on the back porch when I felt something brushing my thumb. I flicked it a couple of times and saw a yellow jacket fly away from me. It could easily have been startled or angered by my movement and stung me. A thumb right next to the thumbnail would be an extraordinarily unpleasant sting, too, so I was very lucky not to get it.

This afternoon I didn't sleep through any movies because I didn't watch television. I just stayed on the intermittent Internet. But I was looking forward to seeing English people murder one another at nine o'clock this evening, and was pleased that the show had not been preempted by Republicans practicing character assassination on anyone and everyone including each other and sometimes even themselves. So of course I fell asleep after the murder and before the solution, waking up just in time to see the very end of the show. Rats. There's sometimes a late night rerun, but I don't know what night it will be on, lacking a proper guide from Comcast. If I find it and don't fall asleep again watching it, I'll get that itch scratched, but until then I'll just have to endure it.

Now I'm going to go eat something, but probably not drink anything, as I've been having low-grade headaches recently, and there's one tonight which would be aggravated by beer. I suppose I could have soup again instead of solid food that requires beer. There's plenty of ramen. Or maybe I'll just make popcorn and drink some carrot juice with it. Popcorn is about the only thing carrot juice goes well with. Decisions, decisions.

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