rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Again with the sleeping through parts of movies this afternoon. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get to see a movie all the way through that time of day again. And I suppose it will eventually start happening other times of day, too. This is an inconvenient aspect of aging I never expected. I know I'd get stiff joints and my hearing would get worse and my vision would get blurrier such, but that I'd start falling asleep at inopportune times never occurred to me. There ought to be a book: "What to Expect when You Start Falling Apart from Age."

That said, it was a nice series of catnaps. The house stayed fairly cool all afternoon, so I wasn't all sweaty when I woke up. After a few minutes of fuzziness I actually felt quite refreshed when I finally woke. It's very nice and cool out tonight, too, and there's a big moon illuminating the trees. The moon and a scattering of stars make the cloudless sky less dull at night than it is in the daytime. I was going to go out and watch it for a while, but it's almost eleven o'clock and the television demands to be watched again. I swear that machine pesters me almost as much as the cat does.

Hotter tomorrow, alas.

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