rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Obnoxious Machine

The computer is behaving quite horribly tonight. In fact I haven't been able to get a browser to work for the last half hour or so, so I've got Semagic open and I'll try posting with that. Maybe later I'll be able to get a browser to work and look at the site to see if it posted.

As I expected I had to have the air conditioner run for a while tonight, but now it's off and I've just got the fan going with the windows open. With the head start from the air conditioner, the house ought to get down to around 72, and lower if I'm lucky, before morning. I don't remember if tomorrow was supposed to be cooler or not, and without a browser I can't check the weather web site. I hope it will be at least a bit cooler, though. Today was pretty close to hellish.

Watering was permitted today, but I only did a little bit. The back yard ought to be able to go without for two more days. I might do a bit in the front yard before settling down in front of the television. Earlier I watched English people murder one another for a scant hour, but right now there's nothing on I'd want to see.

Fighting with the computer was exhausting, and the machine is probably as exhausted as I am (maybe more) so I'm going to let it rest for a while. Besides, there's a slightly gibbous moon I'd like to watch for a while, and it's already much cooler outdoors than it is in here, so i think I'll go do that watering now.

One slice of pie left. Farewell, pie. So long, Internets.

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