rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Last night it got down to 51 degrees, which was a real treat for this time of year. The house stayed cool all day despite a high of 89 outside. That won't be so easy tomorrow, as the nocturnal low will be considerably higher, at 62 degrees. At least tomorrow won't be any hotter than today was, but by Wednesday we'll be hitting the century mark again, and the nights will go barely below 70, so it will be back to using the air conditioner. It was a nice respite while it lasted, and it lasted longer than I'd expected. Now we're rid of more than a third of July, so summer is shortening, just like its days, and the shorter it gets the easier its excesses are to endure.

A cooler house means I slept better last night, and having slept better I'm less cranky than I usually am in July. Having that tasty apple pie on hand has also improved my disposition. My brain is working better, too, and I remembered to take the trash out to the wheelie bin, and am very likely to remember to take the wheelie bin itself out to the street for tomorrow's pickup.

The problem is that perfect weather leaves me with little to grouse about, and with little to grouse about I have little to say. I'm pretty sure I used to write about stuff that wasn't irritating, but the last few years have gotten me out of the habit, and now I don't seem to have much to say about non-irritating subjects. I suppose I could watch the news on television, but ti wouldn't be worth it just to have something to say. Better to remain trivial and be thought a bore than to watch TV news and remove all doubt.

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