rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Random Stuff

A gnat keeps flying around my desk lamp and it's driving me crazy. I've tried to crush it many times, but it just blows away and then comes right back. It's pestering me out of the corner of my eye right now. The only way I'll get rid of it is to turn the light off, and then I won't be able to see the keyboard.

Oh, wait. Unexpectedly, I just pinched it out of existence. I was hardly trying. Poor gnat. Now I feel bad for it. All it was doing was following its navigation system that my light screwed up, and now it's dead. It isn't like it was really going to do anything bad to me. It isn't like it was, say, Donald Trump.

But it sure is nice not to have it distracting me. I wish other unpleasant distractions were as easy to eliminate.

This afternoon I had my appointment with the chiropractor and got adjusted. Since the heat won't be messing with my sleep so badly, it ought to stay adjusted for a while. I tend to toss and turn and throw my neck out of joint when it gets too hot. It is cooling off nicely outside tonight, and the house should be moderately comfortable by the time I get to sleep. There should be a few more cool nights before it starts getting hot again, too.

The computer distracted me from getting dinner, and now it's time for the television to distract me. I don't know when I'll get to eat, since I'm tired and might fall asleep soon. Maybe I'll cut my losses and microwave some popcorn.

My hands have been itchy ever since I came in from doing some watering in the front yard a while ago. I wonder if there's some poison oak growing out there and I dragged the hose through it? I'll have to check tomorrow. Can't see anything by my dim flashlight.

Scratch scratch scratch.

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