rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Less Hot

Now I'm wishing I had a grill so I could make beer can cabbage. I cold also cook outdoors and not have the house get hotter.

The heat has tapered off a bit, and it didn't quite reach 90 degrees here today, and the low is supposed to drop into the mid-sixties tonight. I'm still summer uncomfortable, though, and would be happy to have a nice, strong delta breeze cool things off even more. Maybe if everyone in Alaska would face north and fart at once it would blow some of their arctic air in this direction. If it cooled me off I wouldn't even complain about the smell— honest!

Speaking of smells. I've been smelling smoke early in the mornings, probably from one of the three small brush fires we've had in the region, which are all contained now. It might be from a larger fire burning east of Sacramento. The other fires burning now are all more distant and unlikely to send smoke this far.

A more pleasant smell is the jasmine. I'd expected all the blossoms to be dead by now, but a few have survived. I have to get pretty close to the hedge to smell them, but at least they are there, a pleasant reminder of those cool days of spring that are gone.

Since I don't have a grill, but do still have some cabbage, I think I'll make some cole slaw tonight. That is if the cabbage hasn't gone bad. It's been quite a while since I checked it. I'm always forgetting stuff in the vegetable crisper anymore. Eventually I'll probably start forgetting to eat, and will wonder what that strange, gnawing feeling in my stomach is. Too bad I can't train the cats to feed me for a change.

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