rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

One Day

An unfamiliar bird has been hanging around here lately. Its call starts off sounding like a cuckoo's, but it doubles the second note. I'm thinking of it as a cuckookoo. I haven't seen it, but I've heard it for the last three afternoons. It might be that the other birds don't like it, because I never hear them when it is around. Or maybe they are just staying out of the heat.

Earlier today I roused myself to do laundry, then forgot the first load for about three hours. I finally got that load into the dryer and started the second load, then forgot both of them for another six hours— until just now, in fact. I suppose I should go fetch the dried load and start drying the second load before I microwave something for dinner. Otherwise I'm likely to forget both of them again until tomorrow.

Although it was less horrendously hot today than it has been for the previous few days, it was still horrendously hot. Evey day for the last week has been hotter than predicted, so despite a cooling trend in the forecast I'll assume that the forecast is wrong about just how cool it will get. It's supposed to get down into the mere 80s by Monday, but I'll expect the 90s. That way if it does get down into the 80s I'll be pleasantly surprised.

At least tonight it has gotten cool enough that I can be satisfied just to have the windows open and the fan on, instead of using the air conditioner. It's much quieter without that machine running, though it would be quieter still if I could do without the fan. Alas, that probably won't be possible for several days yet, and then only if the forecast for a few nights in the low 60s proves correct.

Oh, laundry. Microwave. Dull Friday night television.

One day closer to autumn at a time.

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