rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Broiled Fifteenth

I blame yesterday's astonishing heat and my consequent collapse of will for the fact that I forgot that it was my journalversary eve. I've been keeping this thing since June 28, 2001, and have probably missed only a couple of dozen days. Fifteen years! Last night I was going to hang a stocking over my air conditioner vent in hopes that Frank The Goat would leave some ideas in it, because after fifteen years they're running pretty thin. Now I 'll never know if he came to my house or not.

I've seen nothing of Frank for ages. It's possible that he has been killed and devoured by the Russians. Things are pretty bad in Russia, and a tasty goat would be a great prize for many people there. My personal hope, though, is that Frank wisely avoided going to Russia and is hiding out somewhere near the server farm in Montana. But since I failed to hang a stocking last night, I just don't know for sure.

Yesterday's astonishing heat (the high was 112.8) was a bit diminished today, at least outside, where it got up only to 104. But last night stayed so warm that the house never cooled off and thus I got to keep some of yesterday's heat indoors all day, and add much of today's heat to it. Right now I've got the air conditioner on. I intend to get the house down to about 78, and by the time it's that cool it should also be about that cool outdoors, and I can just turn the machine off, open the windows, and let the place continue to cool gradually for the rest of the night. It's going to be too warm again tonight, but I ought to be able to get the temperature down to no higher than 72 before morning. If I'm lucky it will get down to 70. Outdoors, the expected low is a balmy 69.

Tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 99, and then highs will stay in the 90s for the next ten days, but the warmish nights are expected to continue until early next week and then get cooler. I'm actually encouraged by the fact that I endured the 112.8 yesterday, because after that the rest of this week should be comparatively easy to deal with. I just hope that we won't be getting any more 110+ days this summer. Well, we probably will, but I intend to laugh at them. Hah! Hah, heat! I sneer in your general direction! But I'm still really looking forward to those few nights in the low 60s. May nothing delay them!

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