rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Heat Wave Eve

Ever since the people at the end of the block took out their most handsome pine trees, the view in that direction has seemed "off" to me. Of the four remaining pines in their back yard, one has a deformed bole, one leans rather alarmingly, one has a damaged top, and the fourth, which is rather runty, is mostly hidden behind nearer trees of other varieties, at least when they have foliage on them. I'll have a better view of it once autumn has stripped the leaves off the blocking trees. But it's always a bit disturbing to look down there now. I keep wanting to adjust the leaning tree, in particular. It aggravates my OCD. It's like looking at a picture hanging crooked on the wall. I wish they'd taken it out instead of the bigger, healthier-looking trees.

It's going on ten o'clock and it's still 74 degrees outside. That's a bit cooler than it is in the house, so the windows are all open, but it's probably going to take all night to get it comfortable in here. I might turn the HVAC fan on later, when the outdoor air gets cool enough to make a worthwhile difference. The fan might help speed the cooling a little bit. Tomorrow it is supposed to get really hot, and then it will stay hot for five days, and even worse will be the warmish nights. I'm guessing I'll have to start using the air conditioner by Monday evening, or I'll never get any sleep.

Looks like this will be a microwaved dinner night. I'm really glad I've got that thing. Last night I used it to make some popcorn around midnight, as I didn't eat any dinner at all thanks to the indigestion from the previous night's dinner. I'm feeling better now, so I can probably risk putting a bit of salsa on my microwaved burrito. But what I'm most looking forward to is the cold beer. I'm really glad I've got that stuff, too. If I had to choose between having the microwave and having beer, the beer would win.

But first a few minutes listening to crickets and cooling off outdoors. I'll want to remember the experience during the heat wave.

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