rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Heating Up

Once again it's getting to where I can't eat anything with tomato sauce on it. I've had periods like this before, and they've always come to an end eventually, but they are very annoying while they last because I really like Italian food a lot. Plus I've got another big jar of expensive spaghetti sauce in addition to the first jar which is only half gone, plus loads of pasta, and summer is the time it's most convenient to make unbaked pasta dishes.

But last night's dinner with spaghetti sauce gave me such intense indigestion that I'm not entirely over it even now. It could be just because this particular jar of spaghetti sauce is of a spicy variety, with a bit of heat to it, and maybe when I open the second jar, which is more a standard marinara with mushrooms, I'll be okay. I hope so. Indigestion is bad enough in cold weather In summer's heat it's like being burned inside and out.

Speaking of burned, California's first big fire of the season is burning now, but it's way down in the southern part of the state. I haven't heard of any fires getting started in this area yet, but as dry as everything is, and with the wind scheduled to be picking up over the next few very hot days and nights, it could be a real problem. Oh, maybe I shouldn't have said anything about it. I just heard sirens nearby. Jinx!

I'm short of sleep again, and will probably be nodding off as soon as I sit down in front of the television. As I intend to skip dinner, that won't be a big deal, except for the danger of then waking up at some ungodly hour of the still-dark morning.

But first I'm going to get some ice water and sit on the back porch listening to crickets for a while. It's a good idea to enjoy the peace and quiet as much as possible, now that the Europeans will probably soon start bombing each other's cities again. Thanks, Cameron.

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