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Dull [Jun. 22nd, 2016|10:10 pm]
This evening I watered the jasmine and the plants in the back back yard: the patches of ivy and other ground cover, the lamb's ear, the trumpet flower vine, the oleanders, the short bushes I can't identify, and the three Italian cypress that anchor the northeast corner of the yard. This took about twenty minutes, and after that I sat on the porch and enjoyed the long evening, watching the dusk gather, listening the last chirps of the birds before they departed for their nests, and swatting away the mosquitoes. The freshly dampened soil smelled good.

Now that it's dark the crickets are chirping and the stars have emerged. There is a cool breeze blowing away the day's heat. The windows are open, but the house is still pretty warm, so I won't be cooking anything for dinner. This will be a sandwich night. There are lots of sandwich nights in summer. There are also some summer nights when I will drink a second bottle of beer, and I have a feeling that tonight will be one of them.

I didn't get quite enough sleep last night, and no nap this afternoon, so there's a good chance a second beer will put me to sleep soon enough that I'll wake up before it gets hot tomorrow and get all the windows closed before the heat invades the house. Today I didn't wake up until almost ten, and by then it was 72 degrees in here. If I wake up by seven, it will probably still be below seventy. That would be much better.

The computer is still being slow, and using it is beginning to irritate me. I guess it's a good thing I have nothing of interest to write about. I'll just go out and cool off for a while before making my sandwich. Gee, summer is dull.