rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Now and Then

There is good news about the weather. The heat has been canceled— well not canceled altogether, but the 100+ degree days have been put off until next week. It will only be in the nineties tomorrow, and will dip into the eighties Thursday and Friday. The nights are to be cooler than previously expected, too, so I won't have any trouble getting the house down to a reasonably comfortable temperature each night. Come the weekend, though, that's apt to change, so the air conditioner could be coming on as early as Sunday. Still, I'm happy about the respite, however brief it may be.

The computer has been getting more troublesome again. For a while it seemed to have improved its behavior, but for the last week it has been getting more unstable. It had trouble booting up today, and I didn't get it working until the third time, and even then it was sluggish. It doesn't seem to like warm weather any more than I do. Sluggo didn't like warm weather, either, and toward the end of his life he wouldn't work unless the room got down into the low sixties, and then would only work for a short time. I hope that doesn't happen with this computer.

I woke this morning with the remains of a very odd dream in my head. I was talking to a kid I knew growing up, who died in a car crash when he was seventeen. We were on the porch of his house, though his actual house didn't have a porch, and I was waiting for a bus that was to stop in front of his house, but there was no bus line on the street he actually lived on. I don't remember what we were talking about, but he seemed genuinely glad to see me, which is the one part of the dream that closely matched the reality I remember. The oddest thing was that he seemed to see me as I was then, while I felt at once both that young and the age I am now. I wish I could remember what we said. I have the nagging feeling that it was important.

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