rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Most of the day the clouds were dull, but toward evening many of them they differentiated themselves into delightfully feathery cirrus. I watched them for a while, and they mostly made up for the fact that we won't be getting the colorful sunset I'd hoped for. There was a bit of pink here and there, and now some mauve, but nothing spectacular. But now there's a crescent moon to watch, and crickets to listen to.

After a couple more hotish days it's supposed to cool down again for most of next week. I'll have to start doing some watering if I don't want my plants to start dieing, but the lower temperatures should keep the rate of evaporation down. Another small favor for which I'll be thankful.

Grocery shopping tomorrow, on the hottest day of the week. I'll be tempted to buy all sorts of cool things, but I'll try to resist going overboard. If Rite Aid still has ice cream on sale I'll buy some, but they aren't on the same schedule as the supermarkets, so I don't know when that sale began or when it ends. I hope it isn't over already.

Although I slept over seven hours last night and didn't get up until about eleven this morning I'm still feeling a bit sleepy already. This is way too early to be nodding off. Maybe I should make a quick glass of iced real tea. I need something to keep me awake, and nobody English is murdering anybody on television tonight. That could leave it pretty boring.

I'm going outside for fresh air. Maybe that will help.

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