rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A couple of the feral cats nave chosen shady spots in the back yard for their afternoon naps. They had different shady spots for their morning naps, and will probably have their evening naps wherever they please, as by then the whole back yard will be in shade. I feel like having an afternoon nap myself, even though I didn't wake up until almost noon, and had slept for a good eight hours by then. The heat just makes me drowsy anymore.

Oops. I was so drowsy that I forgot I'd started this entry some four hours ago. In the meantime I've not taken a nap, but I did get distracted by other stuff, and now it's almost dark. I guess I can open the windows now, as it's certainly cooled off enough outside. If fact I'll do that right now (back in four hours after the next string of distractions.)

Okay, back in fifteen minutes, as I didn't get as distracted as I did before. It's really quite pleasant outside right now, so I'm not going to hang around in here. My brain is still heat-fried anyway, and I'd be as bad at writing anything coherent as I'd be at... where was I going with that? Not a clue. Oh, June! Cool it,please!

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