rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was a decent sunset this evening thanks to some lingering clouds. They aren't expected to linger tomorrow, so that might be the last sunset for sometime. I'm glad I woke from my unintended nap soon enough to see it. As for the future consequences of the unintended nap, I'm not optimistic. I have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow afternoon, and I might be slept out for the next ten hours. I certainly don't feel sleepy right now. I'll probably feel sleepy when it heats up tomorrow, and I hope I can wake up early enough to get ready for the appointment without rushing. Rushing promotes anxiety, and anxiety makes the chiropractic adjustments more difficult.

The jasmine doesn't smell as strong tonight. It can't be from cold, because cold is just a dim memory. It's barely even cool outside right now, and I expect it will take all night to get the house cool. Even at that, it's not really hot enough in here to make me sleepy again. Just uncomfortable. Because of the long nap I still haven't gotten the wheelie bins out for tomorrow's trash pickup, nor have I had dinner, and I just remembered that I have dry stuff in the dryer wet stuff in the washing machine that needs to be moved to the dryer. Plus there are dirty dishes I need to do before I can fix dinner. At this rate I'll be busy past midnight.

I really need to get organized. I can't blame the holiday because I forgot there was one. Happy belated Whatever It Was Day.

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