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Backness [May. 27th, 2016|09:37 pm]
My back back yard cricket was back this evening and chirping loudly in the dusk. I myself was back to sleeping most of the day, which left my back a bit stiff. Such things would probably improve if I got back to eating less sugar, though the diet I had back then was pretty dull.

Although it was pretty warm today, the real heat won't be back until tomorrow. When I go to the stores on Sunday I'll probably be wishing I could go back to April, when it was cool. One of the stores has baby back ribs on sale, but I don't like them microwaved and it's going to be too hot to have the regular oven on.

Now I'm going back outside for a while to get cooler, and then I'll come back in and fix something for dinner tonight. I don't know if I'll be coming back to the computer tonight or not. I don't want to make a commitment I'll have to back out of.

I need something padded to sit on. This chair is making my arse hurt.