rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We got to keep our clouds for another day, and they even brought a bit of rain this afternoon. There could be more rain later, but as it rained pretty hard for several minutes around four o'clock and more softly for half an hour after that, there has been a decent watering of the plants already. I don't know if its effect will last until June, but it might. More likely I'll have to start doing some irrigation by Saturday, as it's going to warm up quite a bit by Thursday and the damp will get sucked out of the soil.

Right now the air smells very strongly of pine. Usually a rain will intensify the fragrance of the grass, but for some reason today it's the pines that are dominating. It's actually quite pleasant out, and I intend to spend much of the evening outdoors— though I'll h ave to wear something warm, as the day never reached seventy degrees and the night is expected to drop down into the low fifties. I'm taking advantage of the chill to bake some potatoes, and they will be ready very soon. Baked potato season has already been extended beyond what I'd expected, but my luck won't hold out forever. Soon I'll be back to frying them.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention that the lupines have been blooming for about a week now. The patch has spread over a larger area this year, but it's not as dense as it has been in the past. I suppose eventually the lupines will vanish, just as the poppies did after a few years. Wildflowers have their own agenda, I guess.

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