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Chilled [May. 20th, 2016|09:45 pm]
It hasn't rained very hard today, but it has sprinkled frequently, and almost every time I've gone outside a feral cat has rubbed against me and left a wet spot on my pants leg. Are they trying to tell me something (the cats, not the pants?) It was also very cool all day, and has gotten quite chilly tonight. This afternoon I used the last teabag from the expensive package, and the last packet of crunchy almond biscotti. If it's still cold tomorrow I'll have hot chocolate and a few Pepperidge Farm Milanos. It's not supposed to be cold on Sunday, so I should be able to go back to lemonade then.

I made out my list for shopping on Sunday, and this is another of those weeks when next to nothing I want is on sale. That's probably just as well, as there are two more shopping days this month and I'm running low on grocery money. I'll dig into the canned goods and pasta horde this week. Most of the time my mind wanders so much while I'm eating dinner that I barely notice what I'm chowing down on anyway. My food attention span has grown quite brief, and dinner is just too long. Maybe I'll take up self-hypnosis and convince myself I'm eating really good stuff instead of canned chili beans or Top Ramen. Either that or eat only quick snacks instead of lengthy meals.

This actually would have been another great night for baked potatoes, but once again I forgot to put any in the oven and now I'm too hungry to wait for them to cook. This might be another canned soup night. I can tell I've got about ten minutes before my blood sugar crashes, so I'd better get heating.