rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The computer was uncommonly cranky today, so I got very little done with it. I can't blame it, as I was pretty cranky myself. I got too little sleep again, then had an unintended nap after dinner, and now it's approaching midnight and I'm all muddled in my head. Also I've been sneezing a lot, which means the next round of pollen must be here. I don't know which plant it is now, but it isn't one that spreads so much that it accumulates on the ground, the way the pine pollen does. It's very sneezy, though, whatever it is.

It's been pretty hot, but has cooled off this evening, so I've got some of the windows open. I do hope the pollen is less active at night, but judging from how much I've sneezed since sunset it probably is very active indeed. It actually got very close to 1200 degrees today, but should only be in the low 90s tomorrow, and then it will return to the pleasant 70s, and down into the 60s on Friday and Saturday. There's some possibility of rain for the weekend, which would wash the pollen from the air, so I'm hopeful.

Anyway. I have to go sit outside for a few minutes to cool off, and then I'm going to watch television and drink cold stuff. Maybe I'll get to sleep again before dawn. I'm not liking this foretaste of summer, but at least it's only a few days. I'm dreading the thought of July.

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