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It cooled off nicely today, thanks in part to an abundance of lovely clouds. The evening grew quite chilly, which is a nice change. Yesterday the high topped 90 degrees, and today was a mere 77. It's supposed to be even cooler tomorrow, which will be pleasant when I go out to shop. There is even a 20% chance of some rain tonight and tomorrow. It's going to get hot again by Wednesday, but then cool off again next weekend, and there might be rain then too. This is really about as good as spring gets around here. A few hot days are easy enough to deal with as long as there are some milder days between them and the nights are cool.

Fewer crickets are chirping tonight than on the warmer nights, but then I can't expect to have everything. The jasmine flowers are opening more slowly than I'd expected, too. Oddly, more of the flowers have opened on the part of the hedge that is shaded by the walnut tree than on the parts that get more sunshine. If I go to the corner of the yard under the tree I can smell their perfume, but it doesn't reach the porch yet. Maybe the next warm spell will encourage more of the blossoms to open.

I fell asleep earlier than I'd expected last night, and then woke up later than I'd expected today, and I think I got about ten hours of sleep altogether. Making up for the sleep I didn't get earlier in the week, I guess. When I woke I had vague images from a dream running through my head, but they evaporated even as I tried to remember them. I was left with the impression that there was something disturbing about them, so maybe it's just as well I didn't recall them.

As cool as it is, this would have been a good night to bake a potato, but I forgot to put one in the oven, and now it's too late. I'll probably heat up a can of chili instead. Dinner is late enough already, so I want something quick.

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