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Weird [May. 12th, 2016|03:35 am]
Oh, dear. I fell asleep after dinner and ended up sleeping until after midnight again, and never got around to making a journal entry yesterday. My brain is still pretty fuzzy, so I probably shouldn't try to do anything complex. In fact I should probably try to go back to sleep, so tomorrow today won't get totally screwed up, but that might not be possible. Most likely I'm going to end up looking at LOLcats for a while and then watching ancient reruns of Matlock and Columbo on the Hallmark Murder & Glurge Channel until mid-morning, when I'll pass out from exhaustion and then sleep until the sun is far to the west.

There's stuff in the back of my mind that wants to come out, but I can't reach it. Maybe I'm still dreaming. I don't think my sleep and my dreams happen at the same time anymore. I sleep whenever but still dream at night. I should probably leave my brain to science. Or maybe I'll just dream I've left my brain to science. At this point I'm not sure there's a difference. Getting old is just freaking weird.