rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Usual Random Stuff

Watching the red roses turn black as the light leaves the sky, I'm listening to crickets. There are more of them than there were before the rain on Saturday. There is still a smell of wet grass in the air, though it hasn't rained today. It was cloudy and cool enough to preserve the dampness. The clouds have been thinning for the last couple of hours, and there are a few stars emerging. The thin crescent of the waxing moon is concealed by the pines, but I know it's there. It can hide, but it can't run.

Despite the clouds it was balmy today, and tomorrow will be quite warm. I'm kicking myself for not pulling any weeds today. Not only is the ground soon going to dry out, making it harder to uproot them, but tomorrow is trash day and I could have put out a full wheelie bin of yard waste tonight instead of the half bin I've got. Also, it would have been less unpleasant to be pulling weeds in today's cloud shade than it will be during the upcoming days full of bright sunshine. Too late now.

I don't remember what time I went nodded off last night, but I'm pretty sure I didn't get enough sleep before waking up a bit after noon today. Tonight I'm feeling like it's going to be one of those nights when I pass out in front of the television much too early and then wake up before dawn. I could try drinking some tea, but caffeine either doesn't work at all any more, or it works too well and I could end up not going to sleep until after dawn, which is even worse than waking up before dawn, so I intend to leave bad enough alone. I might try just not eating dinner, so maybe the hunger will keep me awake for a few hours. I just hope that Portia doesn't decide to curl up next to me and purr, because a cat purr can be terribly soporific.

At the Moment Portia is in my lap, but she's not purring. She's displeased that I keep bumping her head with my arm as I use the keyboard. You'd think she'd have learned better by now not to try sleeping on my lap when I'm using the keyboard, but she hasn't. She's not the world's brightest kitty. I'll have to dislodge her now, anyway, because it's time to put the wheelie bins out, before I forget them altogether. Ah, she's gotten up of her own accord. Maybe she's brighter than I thought.

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