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Sometime after midnight last night the mist began. Every time I went outside for the next several hours I found it still accumulation. By four o'clock in the morning there had been enough of it that the downspout was trickling, the leak in the porch ceiling was dripping into the bucket with loud plops every few seconds, and additional drips were falling from the trees. It sounded almost like there was rain, even though it remained only misty. The mist was still there when I woke up this afternoon, and continued until shortly before dusk when, at last, a shower of actual rain fell.

The mist came back after a while, then another shower came, then a briefer mist, then a longer shower, and now it has settled into a fairly steady drizzle. While there might have been some showers earlier which I missed because I was indoors, especially during the several hours that I slept, the world didn't seem wet enough for any such to have lasted long, so it seems likely that it actually misted for hours on end from early morning until early evening. I enjoyed it tremendously, every time I went outside.

Of course I didn't have to walk anywhere, so I didn't get soaked, which I surely would have done had I been exposed for more than the brief periods when I went out from under the porch and let the tiny drops fall on me. If I'd had to walk anywhere I might have quickly grown tired of the mist, as appealing as it is for short periods. I probably wouldn't want to live in a place where it misted all the time, but I'd be pleased if we got it more often than we do. Mist and fog. I wouldn't mind getting a fog as part of this weather system, too. But even without it, if this turns out to have been the last storm of the season it was certainly a pleasant one, and will be a nice memory to carry through the summer's heat.

Shopping tomorrow, which is supposed to be cool and cloudy but dry. I'm going to try wearing the shoes I bought at K-mart a few months ago. I've been breaking them in around the for the last couple of days. I hate to say goodbye to my old shoes, which are quite comfortable, and which is why I hadn't yet worn the new shoes. The counters of the new ones are a bit too high and rub against the bottoms of my ankles, but it's unlikely I'll ever get to a store that has shoes as comfortable as the old ones. The old ones were pretty expensive, too, which is another reason I bought the new ones at K-mart. Shoes are pretty cheap at K-mart. Sadly, there's a reason, as my ankles are telling me right now. Too bad the old shoes are just about worn out.

Now I'm going out to enjoy the rain a bit more. Even if this isn't the last storm of this season, there can't be very many more before it ends, and I want to enjoy it while it lasts.

Plus the next-best thing to more mist: Sarah Vaughan

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