rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

None to Speak of

The evening is just wasting away, and still no rain. There were some sprinkles, and must have been a few more before I woke up as the ground was slightly damp when I first went outdoors today, but no real rain. I'm beginning to fear that this will be another one of those storms that hoards its water while here and flies off to some other place to drop it. The current forecast says rain is possible at 3:00am, but I won't hold my breath. Tomorrow is to be cool and possibly rainy, too, but it will warm a bit Sunday and Monday, and then highs will go up into the eighties again starting Tuesday. Not looking forward to that.

Despite the lack of rain the day was delightfully gray and cool. I don't think the crickets like the chilly evening, though, because they are silent tonight. They might have been devoured, but I'd rather not think of that. I haven't devoured anything myself yet, but I intend to do so as soon as I post this entry. I way overslept again today and had a very late (though small) lunch and I'm beginning to get hungry again. There are some Cinco de Mayo leftovers that ought to be easy to heat up. I'll go do that thing right now.

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