rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The big thunderstorm that was headed this way yesterday evening either dissipated or veered south down the valley, because it never showed up here. Not so much as a single raindrop fell (unless it fell where I couldn't see it, or while I was indoors.) It's cloudy again tonight, though, and there's a good chance we'll finally get that rain. If it doesn't come tonight it will probably come tomorrow. And if it does come tonight it will probably come tomorrow as well. I won't be shopping until Sunday, so a rainy Friday is no problem this week. Quite the opposite. Rain in May is like a gift in these parts.

Dinner (carnitas, a Cinco de Mayo bargain) has taken longer to cook than I expected, but should soon be ready. While I was waiting, there were English murders on television to whet my appetite.

☛ Later: Dinner Was done, so I didn't get around to writing anymore. It's okay, as I really have nothing more to say. If only that thunderstorm had made it here.

Adios, Cinco de Mayo.

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