rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chirpy Darkness

The oak trees on the next block have now grown leafy enough to block the light from the glaring street lamp that intrudes on my back yard all winter. I can still get glimpses of the light through the leaves here and there, but no longer need to squint at it. The concealment of that light is one of the best things about spring. In winter that light is bright enough that I cast a shadow on the back wall of the house when I stand out there, but now the porch is all cozy and dark. Much nicer.

The crickets are increasing in number, and getting louder. It won't belong before there is an entire chorus of them filling the night with chirps. In a couple of weeks I'll be able to sit outside listening to them while inhaling the fragrance of jasmine. The flower buds are getting bigger, but are not yet open. They look like they are about to burst from their green jackets. The first might open any day now.

Oops. I just remembered I have to put the wheelie bins out tonight. It wouldn't do to keep my trash around for another week. There's just about enough time to gather all the stuff that needs to be tossed and take the bins out before The Daily Show comes on.

Chiropractor tomorrow. I hope I can get plenty of sleep tonight.

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