rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This evening I heard, for the first time this year, a cricket chirping. The sun wasn't quite down yet, but the yard had fallen into shadow. The cricket was somewhere beyond the jasmine hedge, among the luxuriant weeds that have sprouted after all the rain. It's probably a fascinating world the cricket lives in. I hope he (only male crickets chirp) can continue to live there and not get munched by a bird or a feral cat.

The cricket in my back yard is silent now, but I hear one chirping faintly next door. I can't hear the frogs, though. I don't know if they are gone, or just too few no for their voices to reach tis far over the constant hum of the night breeze passing through the pine trees. Usually we get at least a few days of overlap, when the crickets beginning to chirp and the frogs are still croaking. Maybe if we get enough rain next week the frogs will become more active again. Hopefully the crickets won't drown.

I'm late getting my dinner on to cook again tonight. Time has abandoned me to my own devices, and my devices are random as hell. My brain needs a Siri implant, but one that talks to me instead of waiting for me to ask questions. But then I'd probably just think I was going crazy and hearing voices. I think I'm stuck with my own random devices. Ah, well, I guess they'll take care of me when I go into the home. Mmmm, Jell-o.

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